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More Than Just a Box: Delivering What Matters Most to You

If someone asked what you think a crating and shipping company does, you might understandably say that it puts items in crates and transports them to various locations. And while that answer wouldn’t be wrong, it barely scratches the surface of the time, effort, and expertise invested in ensuring that shipments arrive in excellent condition where and when expected.

Why Clear Communication Is Vital for Your Crating and Shipping Provider

When you hand over valuable assets to a specialty crating, packaging and shipping company, it can feel like those items have gone into a black hole. It’s vital that you work with a crating and shipping company that practices clear communication. Your shipping provider should also be proactive in their communications with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ship anything?
Almost, with the exception of food and perishable items, live animals, alcohol, barrels, guns (manufactured after 1899), and ammunition. For your hazardous material shipping needs, please visit our Hazardous Materials Shipping page.
Can you come out to my location to assess my needs?

Yes, we’re happy to schedule a consultation at your location to determine the best crating, packaging, and shipping solution for your unique logistical requirements.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes, please visit our Cargo Insurance page for more information and disclaimers.

Can I set up a national account?

Yes. If you are an organization that will be shipping from differing locations regularly, visit our Craters & Freighters Global Logistics page to learn more.

Do you ship containers?
Yes, we handle everything from small shipments to large, dedicated full-container load shipments. Please visit our Container Loading page for more information.
Do you offer debris removal?

Yes, please contact the local Craters & Freighters location for information and pricing.

Do you handle hazardous material and dangerous goods?
We do. We are able to safely pack and ship most hazardous materials according to IMDG, 49 CFR, and ICAO regulations. Our certified locations have the knowledge and skill to handle every detail of your shipment. Please visit our Hazardous Materials Shipping page for more information and certified locations.

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