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Experienced Ocean Freight Transportation Services

At Craters & Freighters, we understand the rigors of international shipping and are prepared to take the strain off you. Aside from having nearly three decades of logistics and specialty packaging and crating experience, we also have countless partners worldwide, which enables us to provide you with ocean freight transportation solutions on a global scale.

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No matter how complicated your shipping requirements, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction throughout the process. We guarantee professional communication and exemplary results. Contact us to learn more about our nationwide and international network of dedicated shipping professionals.

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International Packing Requirements

Many foreign countries have strict packing, crating, and shipping guidelines. International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) requires all solid wood packing material to be heat treated and stamped with an official mark to eliminate the risk of pest infestation.

ISPM 15 requirements apply to all hardwood and softwood (coniferous and non-coniferous) packaging materials. Craters & Freighters is an ISPM 15 certified crating company. We provide the proper documentation and packing requirements to ensure your shipment arrives safely at port.

Vapor-Barrier Packaging

International shipments are placed in a vapor-barrier bag with activated desiccant inside before heat sealing the seams. Vapor-barrier packing is critical in ocean freight transportation, as sensitive commodities are exposed to various elements during transit, including extreme changes in altitude and temperature, excessive condensation, high levels of humidity, salt water damage, and more. We can determine the needs of your overseas shipment and can offer a host of solutions.

We are meticulous in our attention to detail during this process, as we understand the outcome of careless packaging. After we’ve sealed the shipment, we remove all moisture from inside the bag using a specialized vacuum system.

A humidity indicator card can be placed inside the barrier bag so that the condition of the item and the desiccant can be checked upon opening. Humidity indicator plugs that project through the barrier material are also available and allow for checking the humidity inside the barrier bag without actually opening it.

Ocean Freight Services

We offer services to meet any need, including:

  • Full container load (FCL)
  • Less than container load (LCL)
  • Commercial moisture-barrier packaging solutions/vapor-barrier
  • Hazardous materials and dangerous goods
  • Custom packaging and crating options
  • Reefer containers
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Loading and unloading
  • Blocking and bracing

Packaging Solutions That Support Our Crates

Our comprehensive crating services go hand-in-hand with the custom packaging plans designed to protect your assets. We know that these safety measures are just as vital to your item’s protection as the container itself. Utilizing every inch of space within the container, we make sure your valuables stay in place, unable to move, fitting meticulously in the crate for further protection.

Using high-end materials, our packing teams custom-design cushioning, wrapping, and supports to ensure a secure journey through the unpredictable shipping stream.

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