Air Freight Shipping


Airborne Freight Shipping Options to Meet Any Need

With our global footprint and carrier partnerships, Craters & Freighters can make air freight shipping simple. We manage the details so you can stay focused on your business.

Shipping That Keeps You Competitive

In today’s fast-paced business world, competition is fierce. The sooner your shipment can reach its destination, the better.

We help you capitalize on the benefits of air freight shipping without having to become experts at it.

Our custom crates used for shipping help make it all possible.

A Full Portfolio of Services

We ship worldwide and can supply a host of air freight shipping solutions, including:

  • Time-specific: same-day air/ next flight out, next-day air, second-day air, deferred air
  • Temperature-controlled
  • Hand-carry services
  • Express freight
  • Commercial, cargo, or charter

Learn more about commercial solutions.

Packaging Solutions That Support Our Crates

Our comprehensive crating services go hand-in-hand with the custom packaging plans designed to protect your assets. We know that these safety measures are just as vital to your item’s protection as the container itself. Utilizing every inch of space within the container, we make sure your valuables stay in place, unable to move, fitting meticulously in the crate for further protection.

Using high-end materials, our packing teams custom-design cushioning, wrapping, and supports to ensure a secure journey through the unpredictable shipping stream.

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