Museum Crating


Museum Crating, Packaging, and Shipping Services

Craters & Freighters works with prestigious museums throughout the country providing traveling exhibit packing and crating services. We have nearly three decades of experience in conservation handling, preparation, and packaging of items such as paintings, paper, stone, plaster, furniture, wood objects, textiles, and other materials to meet museum and conservation standards and protect the items during storage, handling and transportation.

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Traveling Museum Exhibit Packing & Crating

Our custom crates used for shipping provide cushioning and stability for any mode of transportation and repeated use. In designing them, we take into consideration the type of item, its age and condition, climate, humidity and temperature conditions at origin, during transport, and at the destination, and considerations for shock and vibration during handling, storage, and transportation.

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Commonly Packed & Crated Museum Exhibit Items

Craters & Freighters is an American Alliance of Museums member.

  • Display cases
  • Information boards
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Dioramas
  • A/V equipment
  • Models
  • Reproductions

Museum Crating, Packaging & Shipping Services

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