We Ensure Your Items are Protected and Secure

Precision-crafted wooden crates safeguard your valuable assets during shipping and storage. Given the distinct specifications of each item, your crating company must possess unparalleled skills, industry expertise, and a proficient team capable of creating and safeguarding your most valued items. With decades of expertise, in-house engineers, and advanced proprietary software, Craters & Freighters ensures the secure crating, packing, and logistical handling of your assets, guaranteeing their safe arrival at the intended destination.

Precise Crating Techniques

Crating involves much more than simply placing an item in a wooden crate. Our specialists will design a crate that meticulously matches the asset’s needs custom to the mode of transportation. Using spec-driven software like Solidworks®, our engineers can perfectly determine the size of the container necessary to ensure your item’s safety through transit.

Once the specifications and container details are provided, the item is skillfully positioned within the box or crate, meticulously packaged, blocked, and braced. This process guarantees the item’s secure placement throughout its journey, ensuring it arrives undamaged. Our proven approach has consistently resulted in the thoughtful and secure delivery of countless shipments to satisfied customers worldwide.

Clients can confidently rely on Craters & Freighters for any item, be it fragile, sensitive, oversized, heavy, or unique. Whether it’s antique furniture, collectibles, industrial machinery, or medical equipment, we possess the expertise to engineer effective crates and packaging, ensuring successful shipments by air, land, or sea.

Up to the Challenge

Shipments often encounter adverse conditions, ranging from rough handling to challenging environments. A comprehensive grasp of these conditions combined with best practices are essential for a successful shipment. You can be confident that your valuables are properly prepared for their journey when you partner with Craters & Freighters.

We specialize in various packaging solutions created to cater to your needs, goals, and specifications.

Tailored Crating Solutions

Three Decades of Experience

ISPM 15 Crates

Our ISPM 15 certified wood crates are tailored for international shipments from the USA to almost any country worldwide.

For shipments to foreign destinations, it’s imperative to use specially treated ISPM 15 heat-treated wood. This treatment is essential to eliminate bugs, ensuring the containers do not harbor insects that could be transported to other countries and ecosystems. Our facilities undergo monthly inspections to guarantee that the wood used in our crates adheres to all codes and requirements, facilitating easy entry into their final destinations.

With a comprehensive range of crating and packing services comes a team of dedicated individuals who approach each project with unwavering commitment. We excel in our commitment to your satisfaction and utilize a sophisticated process that has been proven time and again.

Do not entrust your valuable assets to just anyone. Partner with Craters & Freighters, the industry leader who seamlessly manages even the most challenging crating projects.

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With over 65 brick-and-mortar locations across the country leveraging the best technology to provide worldwide support and logistics, Craters & Freighters has become a national powerhouse with local accountability.

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