Wood Crating Services


Fully Tailored Crates

Craters & Freighters offers custom wood crating and packaging solutions for high-value, heavy, fragile, and unique items. Most pack and ship companies have weight and size limitations. As a leading crating company, Craters & Freighters has solutions.

Our crates and packaging are designed to meet your item’s needs. We consider many factors when designing our crates and packaging including weight, dimensions, value, fragility, and final destination. Our team of experts then goes to work building a crate that best suits the item.

With our comprehensive shipping strategies come:

  • High-quality materials for the ultimate in protection
  • Advanced, spec-driven computer software to design the perfectly sized and cushioned containers
  • Crating and packaging professionals who are dedicated to your item’s unique needs

Thousands of companies and individuals worldwide count on Craters & Freighters to get their assets successfully transported. We have the experience and thoughtful attention to detail that sets us apart from other shipping companies. Let one of our 65 nationwide locations prove our commitment to you.

What’s Inside Our Crates?

​With decades-long experience, we know exactly what it takes to get almost any kind of valuable asset almost anywhere in the world. Whether your item is traveling by air, land, or sea, our crating services specialists are skilled at engineering meticulous protection schemes that keep the most sensitive assets secure through the turbulent shipping stream.

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Inside our crates and boxes, you’ll find custom packaging, blocking, and bracing. These critical elements ensure your items arrive fully secured and undamaged. In other words, we don’t simply place your item in a crate or box. We implement the best packaging and crating solution for every item we handle. Never taking a one-size-fits-all approach, you can rest assured that your item’s individual needs, goals, and specifications are always considered.

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The Full Spectrum of Crating Services

Because we work with a wide variety of organizations, industries, and individuals, we need to offer a wide variety of crating services. Our goal is to keep your item within our reach at all times. This means we’re accountable and responsible, which offers our customers peace of mind.

We design and build crates to meet any need. This includes:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your crates/boxes custom made?

Yes, every crate or corrugated box is custom-engineered and built to fit the specific needs of the items you are shipping for optimal protection.

Do you handle sensitive electronic equipment?

Yes, please visit our Server Rack & Electronics Crating page.

Do you provide ISPM 15 crates for export?

Yes, each of our locations has extensive knowledge of ISPM 15 policies and regulations.

What are the requirements for ISPM 15 crates?

According to the US Department of Agriculture:
International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 require all solid wood packing material to be heat treated and stamped with an official mark. ISPM 15 requirements apply to all hardwood and softwood (coniferous and non-coniferous) packaging materials. The standard does not apply to wood packaging made wholly of manufactured wood products such as plywood, particleboard, oriented strand board, or products created using glue, heat, and pressure, or a combination of these. The second alternative, Fumigation with Methyl Bromide (MB), while still acceptable, is being phased out because of environmental reasons. The fumigator must be registered in the program in order to issue the ALSC Quality Mark. Important note to exporters: ISPM 15 requirements apply to all coniferous (softwood) and non-coniferous (hardwood) packing materials, including dunnage. U.S. Inspection Agencies control the issuance of the ALSC Quality Mark and the presence of the Quality Mark ensures WPM produced in the U.S. and destined for export meets the importing countries regulations. Trading partners are adopting the ISPM15 in their import regulations. As the National Plant Protection Organization of the United States, the United States Department of Agriculture, in coordination with the wood packaging material industry, has developed an export program to guarantee compliance with the import requirements of trading countries. The program ensures certified treatment and marking of wood packaging material for international trade, while maintaining traceability of the packaging material. The integrity of the program is dependent upon the industry’s compliance.

Do you do on-site crating?

Yes, we can provide on-site crating at your place of business. Please visit our On-Site Crating page for more information.

Do you make reusable crates?

Yes! Save time, effort, and money by allowing us to design and build you a reusable crate, whether it’s for trade shows or other purposes. Please visit our Reusable Crates page for more information.

Do you provide heat shrink wrapping?

Yes, please contact your local Craters & Freighters office for more information and pricing.

Packaging Solutions That Support Our Crates

Our comprehensive crating services go hand-in-hand with the custom packaging plans designed to protect your assets. We know that these safety measures are just as vital to your item’s protection as the container itself.

We also maximize every inch of space within each container, making sure your asset stays in place, fitting snugly within the crate. Using high-end materials, our packing teams custom-design cushioning, wrapping and supports to ensure a secure journey through the unpredictable shipping stream.

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