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Customized Crates for All Industries

Expertly designed custom wood crates and their matching packaging are vital to your successful shipment. Without a reliable container, assets can get damaged, costing you or your business thousands of dollars. 

Craters & Freighters provides customized crating and packaging solutions for assets of every shape, size, and value. 

Our wood crating and packaging solutions are perfect for unique, heavy, high-value, and fragile items. Craters & Freighters has no size or weight restrictions and can take on any oversized crating job. 

Your items deserve thoughtful attention to detail and to be in the hands of an experienced crating company. Craters & Freighters helps thousands of businesses in various industries with their numerous crating requirements:

Craters & Freighters has proven and comprehensive crating and packaging solutions, meaning you get a streamlined process, allowing you to focus on your many other tasks. And with over 65 nationwide locations and a far-reaching global network, your shipment is within our reach at all times.

What’s Inside Our Crates?

Inside Craters & Freighters crates and boxes, you’ll find custom packaging, blocking, and bracing. Implementing the best packaging and crating solution for every item handled is a must. Never taking a one-size-fits-all approach, you can rest assured that your item’s individual needs, goals, and specifications are always considered.

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Whether your item is traveling by air, land, or sea, determining the best packaging for the most sensitive, heavy, oversized, and fragile assets is paramount. Skilled crating specialists will engineer meticulous protection designs that keep your assets secure through the turbulent shipping stream. Learn more about custom packaging.

The Full Spectrum of Crating Services

Because Craters & Freighters works with a wide variety of organizations, industries, and individuals, we need to offer a wide variety of services. The goal is to keep your item within our reach at all times so you get the best possible service. 

Your shipping and crating company must understand that meeting deadlines and providing smart protection for your items go hand-in-hand with your success.

Tailored solutions are designed to meet your requirements, some include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your crates/boxes custom made?

Yes, every crate or corrugated box is designed to meet the specific needs of the items you are shipping; this maximizes protection.

Do you handle sensitive electronic equipment?

Yes, please visit our Server Rack & Electronics Crating page.

Do you provide ISPM 15 crates for export?

Yes, each of our locations has extensive knowledge of ISPM 15 policies and regulations.

What are the requirements for ISPM 15 crates?

International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) requires all solid wood packing materials traveling overseas to be heat treated and stamped with an official mark. The program ensures the certified treatment of wood packaging material for international trade and offers traceability of the packaging material.

Do you do on-site crating?

Yes, we can provide on-site crating at your place of business. Please visit our On-Site Crating page for more information.

Do you make reusable crates?

Yes! Save time, effort, and money by allowing us to design and build you a reusable crate, whether it’s for trade shows or other purposes. Please visit our Reusable Crates page for more information.

Do you provide heat shrink wrapping?

Yes, please contact your local Craters & Freighters office for more information and pricing.

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With over 65 brick-and-mortar locations across the country leveraging the best technology to provide worldwide support and logistics, Craters & Freighters has become a national powerhouse with local accountability.

Tell us about your packaging, crating, and or shipping requirements, and we'll reply promptly with a figure you can use in your planning.