Hard Shell Cases


Customizable Hard Shell Cases and Containers to Meet Any Need

Craters & Freighters offers a number of hard shell case options in a variety of sizes that can also include custom features such as built-in skid runners and bash plates for forklift transport.

Go with Top of the Line Protection

When it comes to protecting your valuable assets, you never want to settle. Your items deserve the protection of the best cases available.

Hard shell cases are molded from lightweight, high-impact polyethylene, and are gasketed to prevent water ingress.

Single Lid cases are customizable with a wide range of options.

The Right Case for Your Requirements

Hard shell cases offer versatility as well as these other benefits:

Durability: offering reliable protection against hard knocks, rough handling, and moisture intrusion, these cases are ideal for fragile items, including sensitive equipment and electronics.

Security: by their nature, the hard shell can’t be damaged easily, ensuring the items inside are protected at the highest level.

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