Estate Moves


Taking the Stress out of Estate Moves

Moving is never easy. Whether personal property is being divided and shipped after the loss of a loved one or belongings are being moved when someone decides to downsize, having the guidance of a company that understands estate moves can make all the difference. Craters & Freighters is a trusted, one-stop resource.

Only the Services You Need

We offer a full range of specialized yet affordable estate move services. You choose only the services you need, and if there is a specialized service that is not one of our standard offerings, we can likely meet that need as well.

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Our Proven Estate Move Process

To ensure that estate moves go smoothly, first, we assess what items you need to move or ship to determine whether any of them will require cushioning, special wrapping, a corrugated box, or even a custom crate. Then we prepare a detailed inventory of every item and the delivery location for each (often some items are shipped to family members across the country).

Next, we pick up all of the items being transferred and ensure every item — furniture, antiques, artwork, treasured family heirlooms — is securely packed for safe, damage-free delivery. We then deliver or ship items wherever you need them, domestically or internationally. Our white-glove delivery service can include unpacking and setup if desired.

In the process, we can provide insurance from the time of pickup through delivery.

4 Key Components of Estate Moving Services

Craters & Freighters specializes in estate moves, which means we take care of all the details:

  • Determining your service needs
  • Picking up your household items
  • Preparing your items for safe and secure moving and shipping
  • Delivering your household items

In the end, we deliver your items but also valuable peace of mind.

Packaging Solutions That Support Our Crates

Our comprehensive crating services go hand-in-hand with the custom packaging plans designed to protect your assets. We know that these safety measures are just as vital to your item’s protection as the container itself. Utilizing every inch of space within the container, we make sure your valuables stay in place, unable to move, fitting meticulously in the crate for further protection.

Using high-end materials, our packing teams custom-design cushioning, wrapping, and supports to ensure a secure journey through the unpredictable shipping stream.

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