Vapor Barrier Packaging


Vapor Barrier Packaging Solutions

Electronics and items with sensitive or bare metal surfaces that are being transported by ocean container require moisture vapor-proof packaging. Salt water and salt water vapor put sensitive electronic components and metal surfaces at risk of corrosion, potentially harming the product’s functionality.

Craters & Freighters places items such as these in a vapor barrier bag with activated desiccant inside before heat-sealing the seams. A vacuum is then used to reduce the air volume inside the bag before the final seal, thus lowering the humidity levels inside the barrier bag.

Humidity Control for Government Shipments

The most common barrier material (among many) used by the government is MIL-PRF-131. The desiccant used is activated clay conforming to MIL-D-3464. A humidity indicator card can be placed inside the barrier bag so that the condition of the item and the desiccant can be checked upon opening. Humidity indicator plugs that project through the barrier material are also available and allow for checking the humidity inside the barrier bag without actually opening it.

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Packaging Materials

We carefully select the materials used for each shipment based on the item’s requirements. This may include:

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