If someone asked what you think a shipping and crating company does, you might understandably say that it puts items in crates and transports them to various locations. And while that answer wouldn’t be wrong, it barely scratches the surface of the time, effort, and expertise invested in ensuring that shipments arrive in excellent condition where and when expected.

To paint a clearer picture of our services and, just as importantly, our commitment to meeting every customer’s needs, we created a short video that captures the spirit of our company.



Beyond the Box

As our company overview video explains, what goes into our shipping crates is much more than the assets we move for you. That includes the trust businesses and individuals place in us.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been a leader in our industry. In fact, it’s not a stretch to say we created the custom crating and shipping market.

As a result of completing countless shipping projects over three decades, learning from each one, and continually improving our services, we’ve shown that companies can rely on us to handle every assignment like it’s our only one. We understand that whether we’re crating and transporting sensitive equipment, expensive vehicles, precious artwork, or other assets, it’s a mission-critical shipment.

Engineered for Success

When you watch our overview video, you’ll also see what goes into designing and building our crates. It’s a technologically advanced process that produces containers meeting precise specifications.

Our team includes people with a wide variety of skills, from experienced packaging engineers to highly skilled craftspeople. If you thought “building a crate” meant grabbing some wood slats, nails, and a hammer, you’ll be surprised by and impressed with what you see!

From Small Businesses to the World’s Largest Companies

The fact that some of the largest companies in the world rely on us shows just how specialized our expertise is. These organizations could easily create their own well-funded, fully equipped crating and shipping departments—but they don’t.

Why not? Because they understand you can’t duplicate our 30 years of experience and the best practices we’ve developed from working with companies in every industry imaginable. And they don’t have to. We function as a seamless extension of their logistics teams to achieve their business goals and lower everyone’s stress level.

But we don’t just work with large organizations. Smaller businesses also have critical crating and shipping needs, and our teams tackle those projects with the same sense of urgency and attention to detail.

The attitude you’ll see in everything we do for companies large and small is that “your business is our business.” Put another way: the only measure of our success is your success.

Sustainable Crating and Shipping

It takes resources to build strong containers and the systems within them for immobilizing and padding their contents. But we’re experts in minimizing resource consumption while maximizing the protection crates provide.

So, when you look into one of our crates, you’ll also see our commitment to sustainability. Teams working out of our more than 65 brick-and-mortar locations nationwide love crisscrossing the country to get shipments to their destinations, and nobody wants to protect those beautiful landscapes more than we do.

Learn More and Reach Out!

We encourage you to check out our videos when you have a few minutes. If you’re looking for a crating and shipping partner, you’ll find them interesting and informative. Then, a good next step is to contact us to talk about your needs, our services, and all the intangibles that are “in the box.”