Franchise Support


Providing the Insights and Assistance That Produce Results

Nearly three decades of operational history has given us the capability to offer stellar franchise support. There are many facets to franchise support and we are proud of our efforts to help our branches succeed.

Craters & Freighters Franchise Operations

eBusiness Management Software
The eBusiness Management System is proprietary software developed exclusively for Craters & Freighters that assists you in running the day-to-day operation of your business including customer relations management, financial and business reports, cost and pricing reports, and all aspects of transportation and logistics. It’s a sophisticated management tool to help you run your business, giving you the time to nurture it.

In-House Engineering Services
Franchise owners have easy access to our in-house crate-engineering department that will design, AutoCAD, quote, and provide material cut sheets for even the most complicated crates.

Insurance Programs
One of the most critical issues in the transportation business is the risk of a shipment being lost or damaged in transit. Craters & Freighters franchisees have the most comprehensive insurance programs in the industry. Because our business is so unique, we don’t rely on standard forms of insurance but have worked with the same insurance company for nearly 15 years to develop an exclusive program that limits the customary risks of the industry.

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Craters & Freighters Franchise Marketing

Brand Identity
Craters & Freighters has worked diligently over the past three decades to build a name and reputation that is second to none. We are well known throughout many industries for having the expertise that delivers. The company continues to rapidly widen its industry base and enhance its brand, and is the leader in solving logistics problems.

Marketing, Advertising & Promotion
Each owner is supported by our in-house marketing department and public relations firm to develop individual franchise marketing strategies, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the owner’s marketing capabilities and variation of each territory.

Internet advertising on various search engines, web directories, and social media sites is also a crucial part in marketing any business today. The marketing department researches and implements a comprehensive local eMarketing program and works directly with owners on making their business stand out on the web.

Dynamic Center Opening Marketing Program
Corporate headquarters assists new franchise owners in launching their Craters & Freighters franchise with a targeted marketing and public relations campaign geared to generate awareness of, and interest in, the new location.

Craters & Freighters Franchise Training

Opening Assistance
Home office personnel provide expertise and on-site assistance to help fine-tune everything from operational matters to sales call procedures.

Sales Support
Collateral information, marketing materials, and computer-assisted drafting (CAD) drawings of crates designed specifically for customers are provided. The national account program, with headquarters as the single point of contact, generates regular revenue for franchises.

Meetings, Seminars, Regionals & Conventions
Our communications strategy seeks to keep you informed in all phases of the operation of your franchise. Our job is to perform as a clearinghouse for opinions, ideas, thoughts, and innovations from the real pros – those of you in the field. There are many opportunities to meet with other location owners and home office staff. The information exchanged at these meetings is extremely valuable.

Craters & Freighters Platinum Sales

As a sister company, Craters & Freighters Platinum captures large national account business and brings these clients to our franchisees generating regular revenue for them.

More Information on Craters & Freighters Franchising

Large Trade Areas
Our goal to have you succeed overrides the lure to sell a large number of franchises. Therefore, with the exception of very large cities, the company offers you an entire major metropolitan city and surrounding area in which to operate your business.

Economies of Scale
Our franchise owners unite to exploit the benefit of their collective purchasing power. From discounted freight rates to purchasing packaging supplies and materials, the power of numbers helps you keep your franchise operating costs down and profits up.

Networking Advantage
Craters & Freighters team members in brick-and-mortar locations across the nation, give a franchise owner a nationwide network of agents that can pick up, pack and crate, insure, and transport inbound shipments for your local clients. They also participate as delivery agents for shipments that are too difficult, sensitive, or valuable for the delivery to be left up to a common carrier. There are other substantial benefits the network provides such as the opportunity to turn the company at the delivery address into a valued client.