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International Shipping BoatCraters & Freighters has over two decades of experience shipping internationally. You can rely on our expertise that delivers for shipments from the USA traveling to Europe, Asia, or just about anywhere! We provide proper documentation, packaging, and crating standards to ensure international shipments arrive safe, damage free, and on time!

Craters & Freighters also takes the hassle out of international shipping by providing ISPM-15 heat-treated wood crates. Many foreign countries require that all crates made out of wood being shipped from the U.S. be heat treated to reduce the risk of pest infestation. These crates require an approved stamp known as the “bug stamp” or ISPM-15 mark, certifying the crate meets international shipping standards.

Our international shipping services include the following:

Delivery options including:

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We ship from the US to anywhere you need it!

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