Senior Moving Downsizing: Preserve Both Memories and Space

The difference between a house and a home is the people and memories that occupy the rooms. As family members age and decide to move to smaller residences it can be painful for them to part with the memories of their home. The purpose of downsizing is to shed the extra baggage and create a fresh start but many people find it difficult to let go of possessions that provoke rich memories. When it comes time to help out with senior moves you can keep your estate shipping costs down and still preserve memories with the following tips:

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Midcentury Modern Estate Items You Might Not Know Are Valuable

Are you in charge of the clean up after an elder family member leaves home? Before you contract with senior moving services or pack items off to Goodwill, take stock of the home goods. While most estates won’t contain a Chippendale or Ming vase there are many items from the Baby Boomer generation that are hot in the design world right now. The resurgence of the midcentury modern aesthetic has been the biggest home design trend in the last five years. Learn about how to spot and sell these items below to capitalize on the midcentury craze.

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