Business Trends in Shipping Logistics for Medical Equipment

When shipping sensitive and expensive technologies, manufacturers must make it a top priority to protect products.

Challenges exist when shipping equipment such as x-ray machines, computed tomography scanners, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices, analytical devices, and medical dispensing machines. Machinery and hospital equipment is often large, heavy, sensitive, and extremely valuable. Crating companies offer reusable crates that are made to withstand the rigors of multiple trips.

Regardless of the method of transportation, there is the risk of shock, vibration, rolling, pitching, and yawing of the transport vessels, along with bumping and knocking up against docks. It is possible to mitigate jostling with the use of floating foam bases and internal foam bumpers, but all too often there must be a plan to recalibrate the device after delivery. Proper packaging (interior and exterior) and crating techniques must be employed if the equipment is expected to survive the rigors of transportation.

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